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Neutral: On Aug 26, 2013, mcmai from Kensington, CA wrote: aphids. :) Reply Delete. The most popular ornamental species are Celosia argentea and Celosia cristata. Plant Habit : Upright. Its colors are known to be pleasing to the eye and many people love to include them in their bouquets. Celosia Spicata. The Celosia plant grows annually in many gardens all over the world. They are called Lagos Spinach in Southeast Asia and Africa. The plant grows in places like woodlands, grass lands, and rocky grounds. Celosia aurea T.Moore. This article may include references and links to products and services from one or more of our advertisers. Their bloom shape is flame-like. The stems grow fast but tend to have a weak structure. The leaves of the plant are a dark green and have two main celosia types: century cultivators and Kimono cultivators. Cockscomb is an annual herb that grows to a height of about 3' tall. They can get mites though, which are known to feed on the plants. They are grown on small farms and gardens in Southern Nigeria, Congo, Indonesia, and Benin. Amaranthus huttonii H.J.Veitch. Cut off the flower spikes in late summer after the flowers have faded. The wild celosia or silver cockscomb (Celosia argentea argentea) is rather unprepossessing and is considered a weed in most tropical areas. The soil should have a pH level between 6.0 and 7.0. Celosia argentea (shown right) is easily recognisable, with its vivid coloured plumes protruding above bright green or reddish leaves. Celosia. The blooming period for the flower is mid-spring to summer when you can cut flowers to give to your loved ones. The sepals of the flower grow to be 2mm long and are straw to paper white colors. It is known for the distinctive … The holiday season's favorite plant. They are grown in full sun and thrive in well-drained but moist soils. There are three sub-species that are popular. C. plumosa flowers are bushy and look like flames. The plants range from dwarf species to the larger varieties that grow up to 150 cm (5 ft) high. The plant is also considered as a leaf vegetable in East and Southeast Asia, as well as tropical Africa. Images: Others. Amaranthus cristatus Noronha. LOVE this flower. The C. cristata have a coral-like appearance, reminding us of a rooster’s comb or even an alien’s brain. The blooming season of the plant lasts from spring through fall. The flower also blossoms for a long time; they can last up to 8 to 10 weeks, depending on the fertility of the soil and the location. The red, purple, yellow, and orange color palette of the ‘Crested Armor’ cultivar forms a pleasing-to-the-eye explosion of color that is in perfect harmony. Cockscomb plant also called as Celosia cristata and its scientific name Celosia argentea var. Celosia makes a great striking cut flower for fresh or dried floral arrangements. It is a low-maintenance plant with soft leaves and foliage. This name comes from the flowers heads of these plants which look like a bunch of flames. The Spitica can grow really tall in some cases and may need staking in windy regions. The cylindrical inflorescences of the plant can be red, purple, pink or even bi-colored. The flowers can go up to 3 feet or 1 meter in height. Showy plumes of violet flowers. Origin . C. cristata is my personal favorite. Out of all the different types of Celosia plants, the Celosia Virgata is one of the rarest ones. The plant is popular as a food due to its spinach-like taste and soft texture. Replies. 24-30"H. Summer annual. The leaves, stems, and the flower itself are also used as vegetables in Western Africa, South America, and India. Flower length 5,5 - 6 cm. By the time the last frost arrives, the flower spikes are several inches long. Also called plumed cockscomb, silvercocks comb Celosia argentea or Quail Grass is a tropical plant known for vivid color. onto essential plantations like sorghum or cereal. Celosia is an edible plant. The flowerheads can last up to 8 weeks, and further growth can be promoted by removing dead flowers. June 11, 2017 One of my favorite plants for easy-care consistent color is celosia. It is known as cockscomb as the flower head resembles the head of a rooster. There are many different varieties of Celosia, and they range in size from as small as 4″ inches to as tall as 3′ feet high. The generic name Celosia was derived from κήλεος (kḗleos) –an Ancient Greek word which means burning. This easy to grown plant makes an excellent cut flower. Cristata. In many regions, it is even considered as a weed and killed off. We may be paid compensation when you click on links to those products and/or services. It can also be semi-aquatic and occurs along water channels. It is one of the leading leaf vegetables in south-western Nigeria, where it is known as ‘soko yòkòtò’ in the Yoruba language, meaning ‘make husbands fat and happy’. The base of the plant is sometimes woody and grows in habitats such as damp sites, clearings, stream banks, forests, and savanna. Master ID: 498: Species ID: 1794 : Flora Disclaimer: The information in this website has been compiled from reliable sources, such as reference works on medicinal plants. The plant is also prepared as a soup where the leaves are boiled. General Description. There are three different types of Celosia, and all are members of the Amaranth plant family. One, Celosia argentea cristata, resembles a cock's comb in general appearance and can be found in various brilliant colors of crimson, yellow, orange or rose. Poinsettia with Decorative Planter Silk Arrangement. Your Celosia Argentea Cockscomb Mix Color stock images are ready. Celosia Intenz is an easy to produce plant which produces bold purple flower spikes which look great at retail. Origin . And they bloom in the striking colors of a glowing sunset. Planting Tips: Full sun. The leaves of the Celosia are typically light green. Intenz Dark Purple - Celosia argentea | Proven Winners Javascript must be … Particularly attractive, the plume-like inflorescences are purplish-pink fading to pale pink, giving an interesting two-tone effect. Celosia spicata flowers look like wheat. Celosia prefers rich, moist and well drained soil. Celosia Argentea Care Size & Growth. Flower diameter 9,5 - 10 cm. In some place of Asia such as China and India, it is considered a troublesome weed. cristata and Celosia spicata. Spiked Celosia ‘Flamingo Feather’. Celosia argentea or Quail Grass is a tropical plant known for vivid color. The leaves also have unique burgundy tinges, which looks really cool against the vibrant flower colors. Celosia has a light spicy scent and brings joy for months with its unusual flowers. Celosia Intenz continues to bloom throughout the summer and fall… making it the pefect plant for an indoor program or a plant for the garden. The colors are dazzling: white, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange, green or multicolored. Flowerheads are plumed or crested; colours range from red to yellow. Height : 10 - 14" (25 - 36cm) Width : 10 - 16" (25 - 41cm) Exposure : Sun. Celosia Argentea: It is native to tropical Asia. In other areas like the West Indies, they are grown as a wildflower for their nutritious leaves. The plants are often cultivated since they grow really easily and don’t face many pests. Fast-growing, brilliantly coloured bedding plants for summer. Celosia has been used for medicinal purposes to treat blood diseases, intestinal worms (particularly tapeworm), chest problems, mouth sores, eye problems and diarrhoea. Celosia argentea 'Fresh Look Yellow' - Credit to Pymouss44 This variety flowers heavily, so it is ideal for adding shocks of vibrant color to the garden. They are edible plants that are also commonly known as wool flowers. The Argentea plants grow in tropical areas in full sunlight. It is propagated by seeds which are very small. Proven Winners - Intenz Dark Purple - Celosia argentea purple plant details, information and resources. The Celosia has grey-ish to green striated branches that contrast the inflorescences in the best way. It ‘s a plant that grows to a height of one meter with dark green coarse leaves with apparent ribs. A Ball Ingenuity product, available exclusively through Ball Seed. It can grow in altitude ranges till 2000m after which the cold can kill the plant.

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